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Pet Health Clinic

840 Roanoke Road
Daleville, Virginia 24083


Tour Our Facilities


The Waiting Room


Our receptionist are here to help you with any questions you may have prior to your appointment.

Cat Exam Room


Cats have a lot to admire in our cat friendly exam room.

Radiology Room


This is where we take x-rays of the patients.

Treatment Room

Here is a look at our treatment room. This is where your pet will go for certain vaccinations, blood draws, nail trims, anal glands and any other procedure that cannot be done in the exam room.

The Lab


Here in our lab, we perform numerous tasks such as, blood work, cytology, and urinalysis just to name a few.

The Surgery Room


The surgery room is where our doctors perform numerous procedures. Neuters, Spay, mass removal, and exploratory just to name a few.

Large Dog Kennels


Under our LVT's watchful eye this is where "Fido" will recover from any surgical procedure, illness, or for any observation deemed necessary by our doctor.

Small Dog Kennels


Here would be where your small breed dog would be staying if they were recovering from a procedure or here for any necessary observation.

Cat Kennels


Your cat can cozy up here if they have to spend the day with us for observation or recovery from a procedure.